Hi, I'm Nicole. As a yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher, and chronic illness warrior, my mission is to empower women living with illness to discover true self-care, so they’re able to manage stress, embrace their illness and thrive.

I'm building an online community where women can learn about self-love, mindfulness and mediation, share their experiences, connect with one another and be heard.

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Who is a fit for the Embrace; Chronic Illness Program? 

This program was created for women living with illness who are:

● Frustrated and stressed with the extent chronic illness interferes with their life

● Exhausted from the emotional toll of illness

● Stuck in a negative mindset

● The queen of self-blame and negative self-talk

● Curious about utilizing mindfulness and meditation techniques

● Looking for guidance and support in discovering how to embrace their illness

If you're dealing with any of the above scenarios, whether newly diagnosed or an OG chronic illness warrior, then the Embrace; Chronic Illness program is for YOU!  

In order to thrive, you need to get in touch with your true self and that takes a tremendous amount of effort. If you’re ready to commit to your needs, receptive to hearing new ideas and willing to apply what you learn, then Embrace; Chronic Illness is for YOU!

Melissa says...

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How to Truly Thrive with Chronic Illness

"Meditation guidance has been life-changing for me. Nicole and I have been practicing for almost two months now and my life seems so much more fun and peaceful. From controlling my ADD without the need of medication, to dealing with daily stress, meditating and mindfulness has become a daily factor in my life's purpose."

- Melissa

My Hypoglycemia Story

Check out my latest article written for Healthline all about the lowest hypoglycemia event I’ve experienced, that upgraded my mindset on managing my Type 1 Diabetes.

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"I never thought mindfulness would actually make a difference but it has 100%. What I've appreciated the most is being able to catch myself when I'm in a self-blame pit hole. I now realize quickly when I'm blaming myself for 'bad' blood sugars (for NO reason at all) and to actually STOP it when it's happening."


How is the Embrace; Chronic Illness Program different?

The majority of support for women living with chronic illness is primarily for the physical, not emotional. However, chronic illness brings with it a huge emotional toll that far too often it is not addressed or prioritized. Your ability to thrive with illness is directly connected to the stress you experience and the mindset you embrace (AND obviously your access to medical care/quality of insurance). Illness is tough and there isn't a magical pill you can pop to remove that toughness, BUT there are tools that work pretty damn well to make it less stressful and overwhelming. These tools usually aren’t available through the typical chronic illness support networks. When the emotional toll of illness is addressed, chronic stress, mindfulness and meditation are often left out of the picture. In the off chance these are addressed, the approach is typically a one size fits all format, or a watered down version. This approach has many downfalls, mostly that it doesn’t take into consideration the variances of mind types and lifestyles.

The focus of Embrace; Chronic Illness:

● Addresses the frequent stress brought on by the demands of illness and teaches you how to manage stress, so stress doesn't manage you.

● Focuses on upgrading your mindset with mindfulness techniques when you find yourself dealing with negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

● Develops self-awareness, self-love and confidence so you can shake the shame, guilt, embarrassment, or resentment of your illness.

● Prioritizes self-care that is personalized to your unique situation. We all need support in incorporating self-care into our lives.

Your Self-Care Journey begins with you! Schedule your free discovery call so you can start your journey towards acceptance. Looking forward to chatting!

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How to Truly Thrive With Chronic Illness
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