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Searching for a way to manage the stress that comes from living with illness and/or wondering how to fully embrace your illness instead of resenting it? Then it's time we chat about the Embrace; Chronic Illness program!

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This program is a compilation of techniques and 1:1 mindset coaching that enable women to manage their stress properly, gain clarity of their self-worth, and outgrow the limiting beliefs holding them back from thriving. When frustrated and overwhelmed with illness, mindset coaching is a great tool to achieve this clarity. 

On our discovery call, we discuss your current situation and how you envision your life without the stress and emotional toll of illness hindering your ability to thrive. The purpose of this call is to give you an overview of the program and understanding of the techniques I teach my clients so they can thrive with illness. If you watched my webinar, you landed here because you’re curious to know how you can apply my four step framework, which is discussed in the call. If my program is a good fit, we will discuss what is required to join Embrace; Chronic Illness. If not, we go our separate ways and that’s just fine. Chronic illness can be isolating, but I promise you, you are not alone on this journey. I provide you with guidance to cultivate acceptance, self-love, and discover the power of REAL self-care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Embrace; Chronic Illness program? 

Three months.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program? 

Roughly an hour per day. I understand life happens and it’s alright if you need to “catch-up” on a weekend but it’s best to make a daily commitment. 

What will I learn? 

Embrace; Chronic Illness will teach you how to manage your stress and practice mindfulness to gain self-awareness of your mindset. This will enable you to gain a clear understanding of how stress, reactions to stress and your mindset can either negatively or positively impact your illness. When you learn these tools, navigating chronic illness becomes less of a struggle. You will be able to find acceptance and learn how to truly thrive! 

This program is very individualized. We’re all at different stages in our journey: experiencing varying levels of stress/acceptance along with our own unique needs. I meet you where you are currently in your specific journey. You will build the foundation for true self-care and discover tools that will work for your unique SELF. 

How is the program structured? 

There are four stages in the Embrace; Chronic Illness Program. 

Intro to Self-Acceptance and Thriving (1 week):

In the first Stage you will gain clarity to where you currently are in your journey, understand your intentions and expectations of the program and identify your goals. 

Stress & Your Emotional Well-being (3 weeks):

The purpose of Stage 2 is to begin developing an emotional well-being skill set; we are not born with it! You will gain awareness of how chronic illness impacts your mindset, self-worth and self-esteem. We explore what stress actually is and how it can easily derail your emotional well-being. This knowledge enables you to fully understand the impact of stress, your stressors and reactions. 

Mindfulness and Meditation (5 weeks): 

In Stage 3 you will learn in depth about mindfulness and meditation. You will utilize self-care tools to manage stress and become further self-aware. You will experiment with different styles of meditation and mindfulness and discover the most efficient techniques for your mind type and lifestyle. The goal is to cultivate a consistent meditation and mindfulness practice and incorporate it into your daily life. 

 Self-Care & Self- Love (3 weeks): 

In Stage 4 you will build a long lasting, personalized self-care routine. You will continue your meditation and mindfulness practice, strengthening your clarity and focus while expanding your understanding. Your Self-Love will grow and you will be inspired to fully accept yourself through a mindset shift. At the end of the three months, a toolbox of techniques is at your hands to navigate chronic illness, embrace it and start thriving! 

How do we communicate? 

You will be given a schedule with pre-recorded video tutorials, worksheets, etc. that guide you through each stage of the program. We will have weekly 1:1 coaching calls where I guide you through the various techniques and tools. During this call we also review the work assigned. Once you complete one week, you then move onto the next. You can also contact me via email if any questions or concerns arise throughout the week!

What payment options are there? 

You can pay on a monthly basis (the first of every month) or pay in full and receive 10% off the total price.

"From one T1D warrior to another, thank you! I never realized how stressed out I actually was before working with you. Going through your program has helped me reflect a lot on all of T1D's demands and how often I let them overwhelm me. I have loved using mindfulness as a tool to better manage the stress from my T1D!"

- Kylie

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