Hi, I'm Nicole!

For the past 21 years I’ve lived with chronic illness. Type 1 Diabetes came first and then psoriasis. Other conditions developed years later, such as low Thyroid and SIBO, resulting in hair loss. I’m a Californian (Bay Area), lover of yoga, R&B and Hip-Hop music, hiking and one of those weird vegans.   

I spent far too many years after my Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis resenting my illness and feeling shame. I was embarrassed because T1D made me different and psoriasis made me feel ugly, so I hid both from others as often as I could. Instead of responding to the demands of illness, I reacted automatically without an awareness of my emotions and mindset. The emotions I felt were ignored rather than processed and stress got the best of me. In my early 20’s, I burnt out and came to the realization that I couldn’t live constantly stressed. It was time to come to terms with reality and embrace my illnesses. I went on a spiritual journey and thanks to yoga, learned the value of self-care and how to actually love myself, illness and all. 

I am now a yoga, mindfulness, meditation teacher and mindset coach. It is my passion to teach women the tools and techniques discovered along my journey that helped kick my chronic stress and self limiting beliefs to the curb. I created Embrace; Chronic Illness because it is the knowledge and support that was missing when I was a teenager and adult struggling to navigate life with T1D and Psoriasis. The emotional impact of chronic illness is still rarely addressed by doctors and it’s difficult navigating it on your own. I’m here to guide women to manage their stress, care for themselves and find acceptance of their illness. 

My Hypoglycemia Story

Check out my latest article written for Healthline all about the lowest hypoglycemia event I’ve experienced, that upgraded my mindset on managing my Type 1 Diabetes.

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Your self-care journey begins with you.  

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